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Enough With The Puff Website

Kick the Habit
Enough With the Puff is a public health campaign to get younger smokers to kick the habit, but its outmoded website wasn’t buzzworthy enough to engage and retain visitors. 303 Software revived the site to improve user experience through better design and make content more flexible and dynamic on both the front and back-ends.


Enough With The Puff, a smoking cessation campaign launched by Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, needed to breathe new life into their existing website to enhance user experience and upgrade the overall design. EWTP needed an edgier look that would better convey its tongue-in-cheek “shock” messaging and attract young smokers. EWTP needed to improve content segmentation, too. The site had plenty of content geared towards its two main segments—”owners” and “deniers”—but lacked effective targeting to ensure the right message reached the right reader, and a path redirecting visitors to relevant content once items were shared.


To enhance the overall look of the site, 303 Software created a unique layout featuring a full-page design of tiled content with more relevant headers. The multi-media look is vibrant, visually engaging, and interactive—key features for younger visitors. Each tile is its own unique piece of content, easily shared on social media. To improve the content sharing flow, 303 Software added a new component to the site: visitors could now share single pieces of content with friends directly to social media and be directed to a related page based on visitor’s activity through campaign-specific tagging on the backend. Tagging was also implemented to tailor user experience by making each page responsive to user activity to better segment its messaging This was done by shifting from page methodology to a dynamic, campaign-specific tagging methodology with custom controls based on EWTP’s business logic. 303 Software took this less common approach to allow EWTP’s pages to change dynamically without affecting the content on other pages, creating experiences unique to each user’s activity and aligned with campaign messaging. With a more complex design, 303 Software ran due diligence to ensure imagery snapped to each page’s configuration, to expand and contract into the right aspect ratio, and display accurately wherever it was being viewed.


After working with 303 Software, Enough With the Puff’s website is sharper in look and feel, better segmented for target audiences, more manageable and flexible for administrators, and now displays consistently across all devices and browsers. As EWTP continues to learn what resonates with their visitors, they have a more adaptable website which back-end managers can easily add to without losing the functionality of tag-based audience targeting. Their website is a more visually and functionally-effective tool for promoting their smoking cessation programs. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.
Enough with the puff web application on iPhone and Mac