Build Software that Delivers:

Our System Design & Planning Process is strategized for success.

A decade of evolution, our framework for innovation is ready to make your software idea soar. Discuss your vision with our leadership team today.

A team of focused app developers strategizing in a boardroom in Denver, Colorado.

Finding the right team can be overwhelming, Our SD&P Process is designed to turn ideas into impactful digital solutions

You’ll have direct access to our on-shore leadership team throughout your journey. Our refined System Design & Planning (SD&P) process has been carefully crafted to offer a smooth, streamlined experience. Each stage is designed to optimize your product development and deliver a solution specifically tailored to your unique needs, avoiding scope creep and ensuring maximum value.

Understand the ‘why’ before the ‘how’. We immerse ourselves in your vision. We invest time to understand your project’s requirements, objectives, and user needs. In this phase, we establish a strong foundation for the successful journey of your software from concept to launch.
Epic to Feature
We break down your overarching goals into manageable features, we maintain clarity, focus and ensure every step aligns with your vision.  The Epic to Feature Map is a visual diagram of your project so you can see how we will get from concept to execution in a way that is easy for a non-technical stakeholder to understand.
Lean Canvas
The lean canvas will validate your project’s value proposition, target audience, and revenue streams. We’ll help you pinpoint key market differentiators and unlock your software’s full potential so you can be sure that you are investing in software that is going to solve real business problems.
Technical Workflows
Thought is given to every click your user will make.  This is where our team combines the discovery phase with years of software design expertise to carefully identify and map out each of the key user journeys and workflows.  Our visual approach allows you, the stakeholder, to see and experience the user experience before any money is spent on custom development.
Our talented designers prioritize user experience by developing engaging, intuitive designs that resonate with your audience.
System Architecture & Data Mapping
We thoroughly analyze your project’s requirements, determining the optimal system architecture and mapping data flows for scalability, performance, and security.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Audit
Elevate your software with the power of AI. We’ll assess opportunities for integrating intelligent features and technologies to add a cutting-edge dimension to your product.