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303 Sofware's favorite finds from CES 2024

Each year, the tech world’s eyes turn with anticipation towards the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the arena where innovation meets spectacle. CES is more than just an event; it’s a glimpse into the future. For us software developers, especially those of us riding the high-altitude tech wave in Colorado, it’s where we sync our heartbeats to the rhythm of the latest advancements, seeking inspiration and the next big thing that could revolutionize how we interact with technology.

Why does CES matter so much to us, you ask? Well, it’s because this is where the seeds of next-generation software are sown. Every gadget, every breakthrough in hardware, is coupled with new frontiers in software development. From neural earbuds to AI-powered vision assistants, CES showcases impressive hardware that requires coding innovations to bring it to life. It’s a treasure trove of opportunities, a place where our nerdy tech side gets to geek out and imagine the endless possibilities. We pay close attention to the innovations unveiled at CES because today’s gadget wonder is tomorrow’s software development project. So, let’s dive into the heart of CES, exploring the marvels that caught our eye.

Naqi Logix Logo
An image of Naqi's Neural Earbuds

Imagine controlling your gadgets with a raise of an eyebrow or a jaw drop—literally. Naqi’s Neural Earbuds are not your average earbuds; they’re a sci-fi fantasy come to life. With biosensors that pick up on your facial muscle movements, these earbuds are on a mission to turn you into a tech wizard, capable of commanding devices without lifting a finger. One can become a tech-jedi with this gadget. Whether it’s flying through computer commands or steering wheelchairs, Naqi is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, making us dream of the day we can change the TV channel with a smirk.

AI Guided logo
The GUIDi belt on isolated on a plain background

Next up, GUIDi is not just a gadget; it’s a guardian angel for the visually impaired, cleverly disguised as a belt. With dual cameras and on-board AI software, it scans your path and provides haptic feedback to alert the wearer of obstacles in their path up to 16 feet away. It also offers guidance on what manuvers to make to avoid hazards. A companion app also allows users to enter a destination and GUIDi will guide them there, safely choosing an obstacle free path each step of the way. Not yet in production, GUIDi is currently in large-scale trials with the visually impaired community. For those of us who love tech that makes a real difference in people’s lives, GUIDi is a beacon of innovation, lighting up paths and hearts alike.

LG logo
LG's new transparent TV on display with the company's numerous awards.

Expected to be available by the end of the year, and at who knows what cost, the LG Signature T OLED TV is a top of the line television that when not in use is fully transparent to display and highlight whatever may be behind it – or in a hybrid mode where non black elements appear to float around as if in an aquarium. Here’s a video with some fun highlights.

Pivotal Helix Logo
Image of Pivotal's Helix personal aircraft on a white background with it's canopy open.

For those of us who spent childhood dreaming of flying cars, Pivotal’s Helix eVTOL is a dream come true. This flying marvel offers a glimpse into a future where traffic jams are stories we tell our incredulous grandkids. This eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircrafts) seats one and has a battery that can keep it airborne 20 miles or more. No pilot’s license required! The Helix is here to elevate our commuting game, literally.

See it in action.

belkin logo
Man dancing in the background. In the foreground is a device with a phone in it recording his dancing.

Belkin is setting the stage for content creators with a smart stand that keeps you in the spotlight, tracking your every move like a dedicated cinematographer. The stand tracks your face and body movements 360 degrees with 90 degree tilt for seamless content creation, live streaming and video conferencing. This stand ensures you’re always center frame, making it the perfect sidekick for the digital age showman.

Here’s a short promo video from Belkin

Telly Logo
Modern living room view looking at a TV mounted on a wall.

Telly is back with a concept so crazy, it just might work: a top-notch 4K TV that costs nada, zip, zilch. Powered by targeted ads, Telly is challenging the very economics of electronics. The upper part of the setup is a standard 4K LCD TV with a soundbar underneath, however below the soundbar is an interactive 3.5″ tall smart screen, that provides secondary controls and targeted ads that pay for the company to manufacture and supply the televisions for free. It’s a bold experiment in ad-supported hardware, making us wonder if the future of tech could be free, with a side of ads.

pawport logo

Coming in May of this year, and without a current price tag (though you can get $150 off if you pre-register) Pawport is redefining pet freedom with a smart door that opens only for your furry family members with blue tooth collar activation. Full remote operation through the Pawport smartphone app is available as well. It’s like having a bouncer for your pet, keeping unwanted guests out while letting your four-legged friends roam free. It’s the kind of gadget that makes both pets and their humans happy, proving that the future of tech includes tails and whiskers.

Watch their promo video.

And that wraps up our journey through some of our favorite unveilings at this year’s CES. From the revolutionary potential of mind-controlled earbuds to the practical magic of smart pet doors, each innovation presents a new canvas for us as software developers to imagine, innovate, and integrate. These advancements are not just gadgets; they are the building blocks of the future, offering us a sneak peek into what’s next in the realm of technology. We plan to take this inspiration and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in software development, making the future a reality, one line of code at a time.


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CES 2024

303 Sofware’s favorite finds from CES 2024 Each year, the tech world’s eyes turn with