About Us

We are a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and technologists based in Denver, Colorado. We build digital products and launch tech companies. 

Who We Are

Founded in Denver, Colorado by Stefan Ramsbott and Matt Jaffe, 303 Software is a software development firm that builds custom business software. We’ve been building successful products and businesses since 2006.

Our experienced team covers the full spectrum of skills needed to deliver top notch strategic planning, design, mobile and web app development and testing, implementation, post launch support, measurement, and scaling. Influenced by Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile principles, we maximize full stack development to fully realize product potential.

Our Leaders

Matt is a Colorado serial entrepreneur who got his start during the first dot-com boom, working for early tech startups like The Red Herring Magazine, CNET, and Gamespy. As 303 Software’s CEO, Matt’s work centers around vision, strategy, growth, and culture. His passion is to enable 303’s clients to disrupt their industries and launch new ventures.

Matt Jaffe

CEO and Founder

Monty has been building and growing software products for over 20 years for both enterprises and startups. He has led an established product into the Gartner Leader Quadrant and has achieved traction with high risk greenfield products. At 303 Software, he is hands on, guiding product development and distilling user feedback at every stage to build exceptional user experiences. Monty loves floating down pretty much any old river, and the grand adventure of the annual road trip with the family.

Tom Montgomery

Chief Product Officer

Scott leads the engineering team at 303 Software. He has held senior software engineering positions at Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, AMD, and Texas Instruments. While at AMD, Scott was awarded a US patent for his contributions. At 303 Software, he received an “Outstanding Partner Award” for his work on Spectralink, and his app development work for CIRSA resulted in an industry recognition award.

Scott Quinney

Director of Engineering

Stefan is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur. With over 20+ years of strategic relationship building and integrated solutions/new technology creation, he has enjoyed leveraging his love for logic and programming when identifying opportunities. After a successful product venture that grew from zero to revenue and a subsequent acquisition within 4 years, Stefan is focusing his efforts on innovation-driven product development.

Stefan Ramsbott

Chairman and Founder

Process Evolved.

Our process has evolved over 13 years to help us create the best products in the least amount of time. It is informed by our experiences building products and companies. And it is rooted in Lean, Design Thinking, and Agile philosophies and practices. We call it, IDEATE.

IDEATE is comprised of six steps: Inspire, Define, Establish, Actualize, Test, and Engage.


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