PROOF Digital Product

Disrupting a traditional industry with automation.

PROOF is transforming the way law firms do business with software that Uberizes service of process.


Service of process is the procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives an appropriate notice of a legal action. In other words, you’ve been served! As managing partner of a 55-year-old law firm that initiated dozens of serves per week, PROOF founder Eric Voogt was fed up with low quality, slow service, and lack of transparency in service of process. Indeed, the process service industry had been operating slowly and opaquely, via phone and fax for the past 40 years, and was in desperate need of technological disruption. Voogt approached 303 Software in 2017 and asked if there was a better future, knowing that 303 Software had the expertise and experience to make that vision a reality.


Step one was to leverage 303 Software’s know-how to validate the concept of On-Demand Service of Process” by completing a market study. After talking to lawyers, paralegals, and process servers, and then analyzing the size and scope of the industry, all signals indicated that the service of process industry was ripe for disruption.

Step two was planning and building the software that would enable PROOF to realize its value proposition: to make service of process frictionless, high quality, and transparent. PROOF is a two sided marketplace, with law firms on one side and contract process servers on the other. The PROOF app has to do a lot of work to satisfy both sides of the equation including document management, job queueing, payment processing, sending alerts and notifications, tracking workflow progress, generating reports, and enabling multiple communication channels between law firms and process servers. 

303 Software developed these features and more to craft PROOF’s minimum viable product (MVP).ersion one launched in the summer of 2018 to a limited set of law firms in Colorado. The PROOF team and 303 Software then spent the next few months gathering and prioritizing customer feedback, which was used as the basis for the second software release in the fall of 2018.


    PROOF launched in August 2018 in a single market. 303 Software worked with PROOF through the second release of its process serving platform, at which point PROOF transitioned to an internal software development team. Within a year PROOF’s software product has been widely adopted by over 300 law firms, and has gained recognition from investors and industry leaders as a disruptive force in the legal world. As of August 2019, PROOF operates in 12 markets and completes hundreds of serves every day.

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