Judi’s House Discovery & Needs Analysis

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303 Software is often approached to assist at the point where an idea is born out of conversation without any clear solution in mind. Through our proven discovery process, we will work with your team to craft a solution on “paper” to prove the model prior to development kick-off. Similar to an architectural blueprint, we will draft the website or application using wireframes or interactive prototypes to design and prove the functional model prior to the more intensive development process.


Judi’s House is devoted solely to supporting grieving children and their families after the loss of a family member. With an ever-growing patient community, the system Judi’s House was using to manage patient health records and to schedule patients was no longer keeping pace. After initial research, Judi’s House was not able to find an out-of-the-box software solution that provided the unique functionality they required for their business needs.


303 Software partnered with Judi’s House to identify the specific user stories that represented the day-to-day functional needs of the organization. Working with the Judi’s House team through multiple requirements gathering solution, 303 Software drafted a formidable document that identified the vision for the technology solution that Judi’s House required.


    Using this requirements document as a basis, Judi’s House was able to effectively analyze existing electronic health record software providers as well as to get a true sense of cost for the custom solution they ultimately require to best serve their business processes.

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