BC4U Healthcare and Telehealth Products

Free prescriptions and doctors visits for young Coloradans

  • Educational Website showcases the brand’s differentiators with bright, bold colors and imagery.
  • Appointment Scheduling App enables patients to schedule free doctor’s visits.
  • Telehealth Product (being built!) brings youths and clinicians together over video chat for consultations and prescriptions, both free of charge.


BC4U strives to make doctor’s visits comfortable, convenient, and discreet for young people who often have unsupportive relationships at home. BC4U has long offered completely free healthcare to people under 25 in Colorado. But how could they extend their reach to serve an ever-growing population across all of Colorado, not just the urban centers? Enter 303 Software.

Solution and Result

Expanding free healthcare is clearly a problem worth solving! First mission: An online presence that is easy to find and refreshing to use, across a wide variety of devices. BC4U clinicians are not your average medical staff. These doctors and nurse practitioners bring warmth and empathy, as well as a wealth of knowledge and skill to every patient visit. They needed their website to reflect their approachability and also resonate with their young audience. The UX is mobile-first, tailored to 13-24 year olds.

Next, a scheduling app was created for patients to be able to set up visits at their preferred locations and times, with their preferred clinicians. Great care was taken to help patients feel secure and safe through the ability to customize their engagement. Patients can select how they want to receive appointment reminders. They even have the option to bring a friend. Appointments can be made anonymously if desired, without having to enter any PII or PHI.

A few months after launching the website and scheduling app, appointments were fully booked. Surveys showed it was time to extend the reach of BC4U’s outstanding services to people who can’t make it to clinics in-person. Out-of-box telehealth products were evaluated, but none held a candle to the seamless experience 303 Software could provide across mobile and desktop devices and operating systems, without requiring app download. Our lean, cross-functional team collaborated closely with BC4U to plan, design, and begin building the custom solution.

Key deliverables for the Telehealth product planning and design included: lean business model canvas, needs analysis, data analysis (quantitative and qualitative), user journeys, architecture diagram, product roadmap, wireframes, interactive high-fidelity mockups, written copy. The result is a clear set of functional and visual blueprints to create a fully HIPAA compliant Telehealth system.

BC4U’s telehealth product is being built NOW! Check back soon to find out about launch and beyond!

    Telehealth Tech Stack:


    • Typescript
    • React
    • Material UI
    • WebRTC


    • Node.js
    • Express
    • FeathersJS
    • Socket.io
    • MySQL

    Scheduling App Tech Stack:

    • React
    • Redux
    • Material UI
    • Firebase

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