Success stories

Spectralink Android Mobile App

Smartphone workplace mobility solution
Spectralink has the telephony chops and the engineering teams to drive real innovation in commercial communications. What they didn’t have was the ability to take their technology and give it the user experience and interface that customers now demand. We augmented their team, integrating seamlessly into their internal processes but with the mobile application development skill set they didn’t have in-house.


Spectralink came to 303 Software for user interface and user experience consulting and development for its next generation in-building smartphone-based workplace mobility solution – PIVOT. Based on a branch of the Android mobile operating system, Spectralink wanted to take advantage of familiar smartphone-like features including a touch screen UI and integrate it with their well known enterprise level security features and interoperability with existing business applications, WLAN infrastructure and telephone systems.


303 Software conducted several requirements and wireframing iterations with the Spectralink engineering team to deliver final interface designs. Using these designs, the 303 Software development team implemented and integrated the user interface into the multiple back-end service layers.


Spectralink announced the roll-out of its flagship handset solution – PIVOT, and recognized 303 Software with an award for “Outstanding Contribution” to the project. PIVOT handsets are differentiated by their intuitive touchscreen, ergonomic design, HD voice quality, seamless VoWi-Fi roaming, and durability. 303 Software has since become an official partner/vendor to Spectralink Corporation, providing ongoing support to the PIVOT project team, and was recently awarded additional enterprise-level mobile app development projects.
Spectralink mobile app channels screen