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Cisco Systems Wi-Fi Portal

Limitless Portal
In today’s always-connected world, customers have come to expect high performance wireless internet services wherever they go. The business challenge is to find strategies for branding and monetizing these services while managing the demands on infrastructure and protecting sensitive resources.


Cisco Systems needed an intuitive consumer portal to allow users to connect to captive Wi-Fi portals in public settings such as hotels, conferences, apartment buildings, airports and coffee shops.


The Subscriber Services Portal is a web-based GUI administrative tool that lets businesses (Service Providers, Mutiple System Operators, retailers, hotels, coffee shops) create Captive Portals for their customers to log-in, sign up, pay for, redeem access to Wi-Fi services.


303 Software’s Subscriber Services Portal (SSP) enables a location to provide a customized end-user experience and to control and manage customer access to your business’ Wi-Fi. SSP seamlessly integrates with the Cisco Policy Suite (CPS) to enable a customizable, controlled end-user experience.
Cisco systems Wi-Fi Portal