From Idea to Market

Rob Hudson, Founder and CEO of Pursuit

We met entrepreneur Rob Hudson, Founder and CEO of Pursuit, when the idea for his startup was just a twinkle in his eye. In this video, Rob shares his success working with 303 Software to turn his idea into a reality and bring his app to market.


Video Transcript: 

My name is Rob Hudson. I am the founder and CEO of Pursuit. The company itself is actually a hunting and fishing platform for licensing. We’re hoping that we can digitize that and help alleviate some of the strains that the consumer is having with buying these products. I describe 303 Software as a true one of a kind development shop because they bring their process to the table.

So when we came to 303, we were really able to sit down, go through the research and actually figure out exactly what we needed to build to alleviate the stresses that the consumer was having in this market. Through efficiencies, through their process, through the people, 303 became an extension of our team.

And I think that’s really what stood apart from anything else was the fact that from our project manager to our developers, whether it was iOS or Android, they really brought this sense of team to our company and without hiring a bunch of developers on our own or trying to build it in house, we said their efficiencies in their process are going to really help us begin to build this thing as we see it.

 As a startup, especially in Pursuit’s phase, and where we are even today it’s a challenge to get good developers in house. Not only because it’s a massive, really hard market to tap into right now. It’s also, you’re unproven and a lot of the developers that are out there that are really good, Are going to look at that startup and say, ah, these guys are a little too early phase for me. So by going with development shop, like 303 software, it enabled us to get the best developers, the best process and the best newest ways to do it without trying to fight for developers in the market.

Hiring a team like 303 Software allows you to have more value than you, you can ever imagine. From design, to UI UX, to development, to backend, the knowledge that they have, you can’t buy anywhere else. The biggest benefit in a 303’s team is the fact that you really have a true project manager. So that person, they are part of your team. And even to this day, our project manager, I would still consider her part of my team.

So I found so much value in the fact that, I’m not always the smartest person in the room and I definitely could see that when you bring a team like 303 together because they do bring so much wealth and knowledge to, to a startup company like ourselves. One word to describe the essence of 303 software? Me personally, efficiency. They allow me to do what I need to do and allow the development side and the UI and the UX side to do what they do. 



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