Boutique Development Meets Big Business Strategy

app development company Denver based 303 software sits down with clients for a meeting.

When discussing software solutions with businesses, we often emphasize the benefits of building a custom solution instead of opting for an “off-the-shelf” product. For Full Send Management, no explanation was needed. Keenan, the company’s CSO, recognized the limitations of industry-standard tools and shared his thoughts, “These ubiquitous solutions for everyone ended up not being an answer. In a world where you’re given the right amount of focus, rather than buying something off the shelf that just ‘kind of’ works, you can actually build your own.”

Full Send Management had experienced the shortcomings of traditional ERP systems for their chain of convenience stores. These issues included:

Keenan and Jason, Full Send’s CFO, sought a custom software solution tailored to their needs while also making it applicable to other retail businesses. They envisioned a system with features such as:

As we embark on this multi-year project, we want to emphasize our ability to tackle complex software development projects while providing a boutique-style approach. Our customers work directly with senior staff to ensure their vision comes to life. Keenan and Jason reflect on their experience with 303 Software so far:

Keenan: “I talked to half a dozen firms, and something that set 303 Software apart was that I could talk to an executive right away. They were the owners and senior Management. 303 offered more of a boutique approach that Jason and I appreciated. We enjoy the intimacy that a large software development firm can’t provide. Their nearshore and onshore staff work within our time zone and work schedule, making communication a breeze. They’re also accurate in scoping projects, which is incredibly valuable.”
Jason: “Keenan and I work with one or two team members from 303 Software, designing the product ourselves. We’re a small group, but we’re building something even Walmart or Amazon could use. They’re good at taking concepts and turning them into actual businesses through strategy and development know-how.”

Denver app development company discusses a new software project with clients.

The ongoing progress of the Atlas project and the close working relationship with our team have led Full Send Management to consider 303 Software a valuable resource for their future growth. We understand the power of a small, dedicated team and our ability to build robust and customized solutions. By partnering with 303 Software, Full Send’s team is building an innovative system poised to not only improve their business processes but also revolutionize those of other retailers.

The West Atlas ERP Tech Stack includes:

• Admin, Infrastructure & Backend

• Mobile Apps

• 3rd Party Services / APIs


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