From Paper to Tablet

Utilizing an age-old process of collecting voter signatures via pen and paper lead to a 44% rejection rate of captured signatures. Digitizing the process for the City of Denver Elections Division reduced the number of rejected signatures by 93% leading to a 97% signature approval percentage.


Coffee stains, bad penmanship, rips, tears and lots of folds and crinkles. From elections office staff to candidates to campaign volunteers, anyone who has worked an election knows what a mess ballot petitions can be. Because there was previously no way to instantly verify voter eligibility, campaigns have collected many more signatures than needed to avoid falling short when the Denver Elections Division verifies them.


303 Software partnered with the Denver Elections Division to architect what is believed to be a first-in-the-nation way to gather signatures that is fast, efficient and accurate. The eSign application allows circulators to gather signatures on a tablet, while verifying voter eligibility against the voter registration database in real time.


Candidates running for office are able to quickly and accurately gather the necessary petition signatures they need to run for office. The app allows circulators to verify the voter registration of the signer before collecting the signature and keeps a running tally of the number of signatures collected. As a result, candidates who used eSign to capture petition signatures had a 2.7% rejection rate, whereas paper candidates had a 35-40% rejection rate.

Denver Elections rolled out
a first-in-the-nation way to gather signatures.