With our help, your team will move at blazing fast speeds so that you can release projects quicker and more frequently. 

Building a solid product is a challenge. Like in construction, you need builders with the expertise, people to lay the brick, and architects with the vision to put everything together and keep the building standing, or else face a total project collapse.

303 Software removes the stress in project management with our team of project managers equipped with the skills and expertise to keep all of the different parts of the building in place. Our project managers will do the wireframing, figure out the user base, and gather all the pieces of the project together before a single piece of code is even written. We’ll also keep you appraised of progress and make sure that all of the people involved in the project are continually working toward your goals. 

Our technologies include Git, Mercurial, and SVN for source control and software versioning, as well as Heroku and Jenkins for architecture and deployment. We’ll also get the team running with the latest Agile methodologies to help you get faster, more efficient, and eliminate the lag times and project delays. 

With our expertise, we’ll make sure all of your projects work seamlessly together and help eliminate the stress of project management so that your projects don’t collapse.

Skills and technologies

Change management
Git, Mercurial, SVN
Heroku, Jenkins